1200 Series Straight Track

1200 Medium Duty Straight Track is a .075” powder coated aluminum extrusion with drop flange construction. CWANA* prices are based on purchase of 20 ft., 24 ft. or 30 ft. track lengths. Shorter lengths to be priced using individual parts and minimum track lengths of 24 ft. Track lengths over 30 ft. use CWANA price for first 30 ft. then individual pricing for additional components. Track may be equipped with standard leaders (master carriers), drag line leaders, masking leaders or pivot leaders.

*CWANA = Complete With All Necessary Accessories

1200 straight tracks are available in motorized, cord operated, or walk along formats. These tracks have an exclusive drop flange construction coupled with a fin guided carrier design to insure quiet, non-fouling and automatically aligning operation. Tracks may be rigged as bi-parting, lap, or one-way draw.



CWANA Drapery track assemblies include the following components:
1 ea. 1201 Track (20, 24 or 30 ft)
1 ea. 1202 Head Block
1 ea. 1203 Tail Block
2 ea. 1204 Leaders (Master Carriers)
1 pr. 1207I End Stop with Idler

6 pr.

7 pr.

8 pr.

1208 Intermediate Track Hangers (provided on 4 ft. centers) 

20 ft. Track

24 ft. Track

30 ft. Track

2 ea. 1209 Center Hanger for Bi-Parting Track

20 ea.

24 ea.

30 ea.

1210 Carriers (1 per track ft.) 

20 ft. Track

24 ft. Track

30 ft. Track

1 ea. 1211 Spring Loaded Floor Mount Tension Black


1201 Track (20, 24 or 30 ft. lengths)
 1202  Head Block
 1202H  Head Block Horizontal Takeoff
 1203  Tail Block
 1204  Leader
 1205  Lap Leader with Nylon Guides
 1206  Leader – Dragline with up to 20 ft. 1/8” dia. nylon coated cable and ring
 1206M6  Masking Leader 6” Spacing
 1206M9  Masking Leader 9” Spacing
 1206P  Pivot Leader with 5 ft. x 1 1/4” Steel Tube
 1207  End Stop without Idler
 1207I  End Stop with Idler
 1208  Intermediate Track Hanger
 1208S  Track Splice Hanger
 1209  Track Center Overlap Hanger
 1210  Carriers
 1211  Spring Loaded Tension Block
 BC08  1/4” dia. Mahogany Bell Cord
 WRL13  1/8” x 3/16” Clear Nylon Coated Aircraft Cable

1200 Series Straight Track Components

1200 Standard CWANA


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