2000 Series Curved Track

2000 Heavy Duty Truss Track is formed using parallel 1 1/4″ steel tubes and parallel 14 gauge “C” channel carrier rails, supported with precision aluminum castings on 30″ centers. CWANA* prices for straight and curved track sections are based on purchase of 20 ft. track lengths. Minimum curve radius is 30″. Shorter lengths are priced on request.

*CWANA = Complete With All Necessary Accessories

2000 Truss Track is available in straight, curved, or serpentine sections. Tracks can be supplied for manual, or preferably, motorized operation. Originally developed to meet the requirements of “Cinerama” in the 1950’s, these tracks are renowned for providing years of trouble free operation. The parallel strong-back truss construction and aluminum intermediate supports result in an exceptionally strong and durable assembly. Radii can be as small as 30″ on the curved sections of this track.


1 assy. 2000 Track Assembly (20 ft.)
1 ea. 2003 Head Block
1 ea. 2006 Tail Block
1 ea. 2007 Leaders (Master Carriers)
1 pr. 2008 End Stops
5 pr. 2014 Hangers (provided on 5 ft. centers)
1 ea. 1010 Adjustable Floor Mount Tension Block
20 ea. 8010 Standard Carriers (1 per track ft.)



CWANA 2000 Drapery Track assemblies
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Additional Components
 2001  Aluminum Casting Support – Center (overlap) with cap
 2002  Aluminum Casting Support – Intermediate with cap
 2003  Head Block with Casting
 2003A  Head Block without Casting
 2004  Head Block with Vertical Takeoff (no casting)
 2004C  Head Block with Vertical Takeoff with casting
 2005  Head Block with Horizontal Takeoff
 2006  Tail Block with Casting
 2006A  Tail Block without Casting
 2007  Leader – Standard
 2007BB  Leader – Ball Bearing
 2007SCBB  Scenery Leader with Ball Bearings
 2008  End Stop (pair)
 2011  Compound Pulley 5″
 2012  Mule Block Compound Pulley 5″
 2014  Track Hanger Bracket (dog bone)
 2015  Track Mounted Limit Switch Bracket
 2016  C-Channel Track Splice (pair)
 8921  Track Tube Splice (pair)
 8010  Standard Carrier
 8010BB  Ball Bearing Carrier
 1009  Floating Tension Block
 1010  Adjustable Floor Mounted Tension Block
 8124N  Center Roller – Nylon with Bushing
 8125N  Side Roller – Nylon with Bushing
 8536  C-Channel Track 16 gauge (20 ft. length)
 RST804  1 1/4″ x .049″ Round Steel Track Tube 20 ft. long painted black and drilled for splice
 BC12  3/8″ dia. Mahogany Bell Cord
 WRL14  3/16″ x 1/4″ clear Nylon coated aircraft cable

2000 Series Curved Track Components

2000 Straight CWANA

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2000C Curved CWANA

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