1000 Series Straight Track

1000 Heavy Duty Straight Track is 14-gauge roll-formed galvanized steel with drop flange construction. CWANA* prices are based on purchase of 20 ft., 24 ft. or 30 ft. track lengths. Shorter lengths to be priced using individual parts and minimum track lengths of 20 ft. Track lengths over 30 ft. use CWANA price for first 30 ft. then individual pricing for additional components. Track may be equipped with standard or rear fold drapery carriers, scenery leaders (master carriers), masking leaders or pivot leaders.

*CWANA = Complete With All Necessary Accessories

1000 Series straight tracks are available in motorized, cord operated, or walk along formats. These tracks have an exclusive drop flange construction coupled with a fin guided carrier design to insure quiet, non-fouling and automatically aligning operation. Track may be rigged as bi-parting, lap, or one-way draw.


CWANA Drapery track assemblies include the following components:
1 ea. 1001 Track (20, 24 or 30 ft. lengths)
1 ea. 1002 Head Block
1 ea. 1003 Tail Block
2 ea. 1004 Leaders (Master Carriers)
1 ea. 1010 Adjustable Floor Block
1 lot 8010 Carriers provided 1 ft. on center
1 lot 1013 Intermediate Track Hangers provided 6 ft. on centers
2 ea. 1011 Center Hanger for bi-parting track


CWANA 1000 Drapery Track assemblies (specify length)
1000 Standard CWANAAdd CWANA to cart
1000BB Ball Bearing CWANAAdd CWANA to cart
1000RF Standard Rear Fold CWANAAdd CWANA to cart
1000RFBB Rear Fold Ball Bearing CWANAAdd CWANA to cart
Standard and Ball Bearing Components
 1001  Track Galvanized steel available in 20, 24 or 30 ft. lengths
 1002  Head Block 5 1/2” dia. Nylon sheave
 1002A  Head Block 8” dia. Nylatron
 1002H  Head Block for horizontal take off
 1002V  Head Block for vertical take off
 1003  Tail Block 5 ½” dia. Nylon sheave
 1003A  Tail Block 8” dia. Nylatron
 1004  Leader Standard
 1004BB  Leader Ball Bearing
 1005  Lap Leader Standard
 1005BB  Lap Leader Ball Bearing
 1006  Drag Line Leader with 1/8” dia. nylon cable (up to 25 ft.) and 3” dia. ring
 1006BB  Drag Line Leader Ball Bearing
 1006P  Pivot Leader with 2” dia. x 5 ft. long 2” dia. steel tube
 1006PBB  Pivot Leader Ball Bearing
 1006SCBB3/8  Scenery Leader Ball Bearing 3/8” x 5” All Thread
 1006SCBB1/4  Scenery Leader Ball Bearing ¼“ Dia. x 5” All Thread
 1006SCBB 1/2  Scenery Leader Ball Bearing ½” Dia. x 5” All Thread
 1006M  Masking Leader Standard
 1006MBB  Masking Leader Ball Bearing
 1007  End Stop (pair) with 3/8” bolt and spacer
 1009  Cast Iron Floating Tension Block (10 lbs.)
 1010  Adjustable Floor Mounted Tension Block
 1011  Center Hanger with Idler
 1013  Intermediate Track Hanger
 1013S  Track Splice Hanger
 1014  Idler with 3/8” groove
 1015A  1 1/4” Pipe Clamp (pair)
 1015C  2” Tube Clamp (pair)
 1015D  1 1/4” Tube Clamp (pair)
 8594  2 Hole Tabs
 8597  90 Degree Twist Tab
 1019  Track Mounted Limit Switch Bracket
 1050  Track Lug Splice
 8010  Standard Carrier
 8010BB  Ball Bearing Carrier
 BC12  3/8” dia. Mahogany Bell Cord
 WRL14  3/16” x 1/4” Clear Nylon coated aircraft cable
Rear Fold Standard and Ball Bearing Components
 1002RF  Rear Fold Head Block
 1002RFA  Rear Fold Head Block 8” dia. Nylatron
 1002RFV  Rear Fold Head Block Vertical Take Off
 1003RF  Rear Fold Tail Block
 1003RFR  Rear Fold Tail Block Reverse
 1004RF  Rear Fold Leader
 1004RFBB  Rear Fold Leader Ball Bearing
 1004RFS  Rear Fold Leader with Striker Arm
 1004RFSBB  Rear Fold Leader Ball Bearing with striker arm
 1011RF  Rear Fold Center Hanger with Idler
 1019RF  Rear Fold Track Mounted Limit Switch bracket
 8010RF  Rear Fold Standard Carrier
 8010RFBB  Rear Fold Ball Bearing Carrier
 8011  Rubber Washer for 3/8” dia. operating line

1000 Series Straight Track Components

1000 Standard CWANA

1000BB Ball Bearing CWANA

1000RF Standard Rear Fold CWANA

1000RFBB Rear Fold Ball Bearing CWANA


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