2900 Lift Curtain Rigging

2900 Lift Curtain Rigging is designed for Braille, Contour and Austrian puff curtains. The system incorporates independent lifting cables to uniformly raise or “sculpt” a drapery to a desired position. Support system may be rigged with a hand winch or fully motorized operation. The modular system employs a universal aluminum casting supporting a variety of load pulley and idler combinations. These modular castings may be mounted on 2” O.D. steel tube. A set screw is provided to prevent rotation. Lift cables feeding from these pulleys are typically routed to mule blocks where the load is transferred by clew to a single operating line.

2900 Lift Curtain Hardware include the No. 29 series Lift Curtain Pulley & Idler Assemblies, sash weights, wire guide clews and custom mule block and lifting mechanics. Horizontal sliding arbors may be substituted for wire guide clews. Pulleys are 2 1/2” diameter, available with 1/4” or 3/32” cable groove.


Part No. Description
2S29 Lift Curtain Pulley
29-1 Lift Curtain Pulley + 1 Idler
29-2 Lift Curtain Pulley + 2 Idlers
29-3 Lift Curtain Pulley + 3 Idlers
29-4 Lift Curtain Pulley + 4 Idlers
29-5 Lift Curtain Pulley + 5 Idlers
29-6 Lift Curtain Pulley + 6 Idlers
29-8 Lift Curtain Pulley + 8 Idlers
29-10 Lift Curtain Pulley + 10 Idlers
29-12 Lift Curtain Pulley + 12 Idlers
29S Swivel Type Single Line Pulley
WS10 Wood Spacer 4″
WS1  Wood Spacer 6″
79-6 6:1 Line Wire Guide Clew
79-8 8:1 Line Wire Guide Clew
79-12 12:1 Line Wire Guide Clew
5010-1 1 Pound Sash Weight
5010-2 2 Pound Sash Weight
WRL12 3/32” Wire Rope with 1/8” Nylon Jacket
WRL14 3/16” Wire Rope with 1/4” Nylon Jacket

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