Tru-Roll is a descendant of
Grosh Scenic Studios.


Tru-Roll is a descendant of Grosh Scenic Studios. In 1947, Tru-Roll was created as a division of Grosh to manufacture theatrical equipment in support of a growing entertainment industry in Southern California. Within a few short years, Tru-Roll’s success enabled it to expand into the fast growing theme park and Las Vegas entertainment industry, eventually becoming a major national manufacturer of stage equipment. In late 2009, Advanced Entertainment Technology was presented with the unique opportunity to purchase Tru-Roll. As a division of AET, Tru-Roll continues to provide its signature drapery tracks and quality theatrical equipment worldwide.

Full Service Manufacturer

Tru-Roll has been a full service manufacturer of stage rigging equipment, curtain track and draperies for over 70 years.

Descendant of Grosh Scenic Studios

Tru-Roll was originally a subsidiary of Grosh Studios (now known as Grosh Backdrops and Drapery).

Purchased by Advanced Entertainment Technology

In 2009, Tru-Roll was purchased by Advanced Entertainment Technology, a special effects and show action equipment company since 1990, to expand its reach into the entertainment industry.






Grosh Backdrops and Drapery

Grosh Backdrops and Drapery is the leading supplier of the finest quality backdrops and theatrical curtains and drapes. Hand-painted by our dedicated artists in our studio in Los Angeles, California or printed using modern printers, our backdrops are available either for rent or for purchase.





Black Sheep Enterprises

Black Sheep Enterprises manufactures theatrical drapery. In existence since 1990, they service schools, churches, movie theatres, production studios, sound stages, arenas, and community, college, and professional theatres with custom fabrication of drapery for any space, large or small.

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