Fire Safety Curtains

Fire Safety Curtains are designed to automatically close in the event of a stage fire to protect the audience from smoke, heat and fire, in order to effect a safe evacuation. Fire Safety Curtain Systems include a fire resistant fabric curtain, rigging, smoke pockets, guides and release system required to effect an automatic and safe deployment in the event of a fire. Non-emergency operation of the fire curtains can be manual or motorized. In addition to new installations, Tru-Roll provides replacement curtains and components for Fire Safety Curtain Systems.


Most common style of installation where the height of the stage house above the proscenium opening is greater than the height of the proscenium opening. The curtain is rigged to always hang flat.


This lift system is used when the space above the proscenium opening is less than the height of the opening. The rigging is similar to a Roman Shade, which is gathered in pleats for storage.


Used to protect stage drapery and scenery from the heat of adjacent stage lights.


Fire Safety Curtain fabrics are woven from 100% glass fibers with proprietary non-asbestos coatings. Fabrics are available with or without interwoven stainless steel wire, which provides additional strength. Local building codes should be referenced to determine an acceptable fabric. Fabrics are generally available in tan or black. Other colors are available as custom orders.
Woven glass fiber Safety Curtains are available which meet or exceed the following specifications:
  • 30 minute and 60 minute fire ratings
  • Tensile Strength: ASTM D-1682-64
  • Flame Spread: ASTM E84-89a, NFPA 255, UBC 42-1
  • Fire Endurance: ASTM E119, NFPA 251, UBC 43-1
Tru-Roll Fire Safety Curtain systems are manufactured comply with the Uniform Building Code and applicable local codes.

Consult your local municipal building code requirements prior to ordering a fire safety curtain.


Tru-Roll offers design, fabrication and inspection services for both new installations and replacement Fire Safety Curtain Systems. Fire Curtains frequently interface with smoke doors and other safety components, which will be integrated into the rigging design. Tru-Roll provides inspection services for existing fire curtain systems, as well as rigging systems, to determine condition and need for repairs. Annual inspection and testing of Fire Safety Curtain operation is recommended. Tru-Roll can provide this service or establish procedures and criteria for this work to be performed in house.


All Fire Safety Curtain Systems must conform to the architecture of your theatre and are therefore custom fabrications. Fire Resistant Borders and Legs are also made to order. Please contact Tru-Roll for pricing.